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Why Choose Us?

Pulse Imaging & Diagnostic Centre have been serving the community for over 12 years.

We specialize in using the newest diagnostic imaging technologies and bringing them to the community in an affordable and accessible way. We believe that new technology can help provide a more accurate diagnosis but needs to be readily available and affordable.

In our medical practice we stress the importance of subspecialty work in order to use this technology in combination with clinical experience to provide the best care.

Advanced technology can be expensive but a key part of our mission is to provide it at an affordable cost. Pulse often saves patients a significant amount in their out of pocket costs and is a national leader in providing cost transparency.

A final part of our mission is to provide care in a supportive and service oriented environment for our patients, referring providers and staff and this reflected in our comfortable office settings and well-trained, compassionate staff.


Delivering accurate, timely answers that patients and doctors can trust.

Accurate Diagnosis
With top local radiologists who are subspecialized in their particular areas of expertise, we follow methodical processes that yield fewer critical misses and are supported by an unparalleled peer review program. That means better reads, more accurate information and the answers you need to drive your health care decisions.
Clear, Meaningful Images
Our trained technologists use the latest diagnostic technologies to capture high-quality images that deliver clear answers and reduce the need for repeat scans.
Consultative Approach
Top radiologists provide independent interpretations and local consultations to ensure that your clinical care team has the right tests and accurate results to support your care.
Safe Environment
Optimized imaging protocols, supported by industry accreditations and sophisticated best practices, ensure patient safety as well as the capture of consistent, high-quality images.


When your health is in question, you want the right answers, right now.

Part of your community
Radiologists and care teams have established relationships built on credibility and trust to be the imaging provider of choice in the communities we serve.
Convenient care
Our convenient, comfortable outpatient settings and flexible, same-day scheduling make it easy for you to get the care you need, when you need it.
Maximum comfort
With options to fit every body size and condition, Pulse provides more high-quality, high-value imaging solutions to ensure your care and comfort.
Fast, accurate results
Our teams of specialists work with you and your doctor to deliver fast, accurate results the first time.


Providing the right answers, right away to relieve stress, anxiety and worry.

Uncompromising attention to detail
We approach every detail of your experience with your care in mind, from convenient locations and easy scheduling, to a comfortable exam experience and fast follow-up.
Remarkable service experience
We’re proud of our reputation for delivering a superior experience that is personalized, convenient, comfortable, and deeply caring.
Continuity of care
We work to ensure seamless coordination of care for patients, families and care teams to deliver fast, accurate answers to the questions that matter most.


Your best choice for quality and value.

Premium quality at an affordable price
Our optimized outpatient model combines the efficiencies and expertise you need to get high-quality, high-value answers.
Accurate, timely results
We deliver clinical care and technical expertise dedicated to getting you the right answers the first time, preventing unnecessary and repeat exams.
A trusted resource
We are the imaging provider of choice for our high-quality images and independent, neutral reads that are core to appropriate diagnosis and care planning.

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