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Things to Know About Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound imaging produces pictures of the internal parts of the body using sound waves. It helps detect the reasons for swelling, pain, and infection in the internal organs, examining a baby in pregnant women, and its brain and hips. Sonography is often used for guiding biopsies, diagnosing heart conditions, and assessing damage after a heart attack. Ultrasound is noninvasive, safe, and free from ionizing radiation.

You don’t need any special preparation for this procedure. The doctor will educate you on what to do, such as whether you should avoid eating or drinking beforehand and wear comfortable clothing.  The examiner may ask you to put on a gown before the process. Before you finalize, make sure you compare Sonography charges in Nagpur offered by different centers, and of course, don’t compromise with the credibility factor.

Types of ultrasound technique

Conventional ultrasound shows the pictures in flat, thin sections of the body. Advancements in technology provided us 3-D ultrasounds which formats the sound wave data into 3D images. Doppler ultrasound is a special technique that assesses the movement of parts inside the body. It enables doctors to see and gauge blood flow through veins and arteries in the body.

Common uses of ultrasound

Through ultrasound examinations, a variety of conditions can be diagnosed, and it is also used for assessing organ damage following disease. Physicians prefer ultrasound to evaluate symptoms like pain, swelling and infection. It is a great way to examine the internal organs of the body including the liver, heart, spleen, bladder, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, scrotum, etc. Sonography also guides procedures like needle biopsies, imaging the breasts and guiding biopsy of breast cancer, diagnosing different heart conditions like congestive heart failure and valve problems, assessing damage after a heart attack. To know the Sonography rate in Nagpur, you can search online

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